MulticoreBSP for C  Version 2.0.4
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bsp.hpp File Reference
#include "bsp.h"
#include "mcbsp-affinity.h"
#include "mcbsp-resiliency.h"
#include <limits>
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Data Structures

class  mcbsp::BSP_program
 Abstract class which a user can extend to write BSP programs. More...


 Namespace in which the C++-style extensions for MulticoreBSP for C reside.

Detailed Description

Enables BSP programming in the ANSI C++98 standard.

Exposes the regular C BSPlib interface of MulticoreBSP for C. Additionally includes a BSP_program class from which C++ BSP classes may be extended. This lives in the mcbsp namespace. This file also includes the MulticoreBSP for C affinity and resiliency extensions. If only base functionality is wanted, use the following include directive instead:

extern "C" {
    #include "bsp.h"

Include mcbsp-templates.hpp to additionally enable templated BSP primitives. These are not automatically included to prevent confusion when porting regular C BSPlib code.