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#1 2011-03-09 07:00:00

Albert-Jan Yzelman
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Prof. dr. Leslie Valiant wins the 2010 Turing award

Professor Valiant, who originally envisioned the Bulk Synchronous Parallel model, wins the 2010 Turing award. From the press release:

Innovator opened new frontiers in learning theory, computational complexity, and parallel and distributed computing


Valiant’s insight into the theory of parallel and distributed computing offers another broad area of important contributions. His 1982 paper “A Scheme for Fast Parallel Communication” described a simple parallel routing scheme that offered a solution to congestion problems, which occur when multiple computers try to communicate over networks with limited capacity. He also introduced the “bulk synchronous parallel” (BSP) computing model, which describes different types of multiprocessor computers based on how efficiently they synchronize and communicate internally. The BSP model explains why the performance of an algorithm may vary between different parallel computers.


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