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#1 2011-10-31 07:00:00

Albert-Jan Yzelman
Registered: 2011-08-04
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Updates for MulticoreBSP and BSPedupack

The MulticoreBSP for Java library has been updated to version 1.1, and BSPedupack for Java has updated to match and is now at version 1.0.1. You can find them at the library download and the external software sections. From the library changelog:

Changes from
    version 1.0 (7th of March, 2011)
    version 1.1 (31st of October, 2011)

    -Fixed an issue with inconsistent parameter order of the bsp_get
     (sometimes a bsp_put-like order was used)

    -Updated javadoc of BSPmv_*.java
    -Changes consistent with the change in the core package
     (see changes in com.multicorebsp.core)

    -Updated javadoc of
    -Fixed a bug in MMFile
     (skipping the last object in an EMM-file was not possible)

    -New package distributed from version 1.1 on, when downloading
     the full source package. Includes various applications called
     when testing MulticoreBSP using


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