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#1 2012-08-29 14:31:33

Albert-Jan Yzelman
Registered: 2011-08-04
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MulticoreBSP for C released

I am pleased to announce the availability of MulticoreBSP in the C language. The software is freely available, under the Lesser GPL license (LGPL v3). An introductory paper is under preparation.

The library is completely compatible with existing BSP codes based on the Oxford BSP library (BSPlib) when MulticoreBSP for C is used in compatibility mode. In normal operation, it updates the BSPlib standard. In both cases it implements the new MulticoreBSP bsp_direct_get primitive. All communication primitives work directly on raw memory regions, instead of taking an object-oriented approach as with MulticoreBSP for Java; initial experiments show a great increase in efficiency of computationally intensive codes. An upcoming paper will thoroughly describe the updates of the BSPlib standard, and will feature an in-depth performance comparison for various applications from scientific computing. The updated website features a guide on how to quickly get started with this new library.

MulticoreBSP for C is written in ANSI C'99, further relying on the POSIX Threads and POSIX realtime extensions only, and has tested successfully under GCC 4.4 and the Intel C++ Compiler 12.1. This included running unit tests available with the library, as well as successfully compiling & running the original C-based BSP educational package.

This release is made possible with support from KU Leuven and the Flanders ExaScience Laboratory, Intel Labs Europe, and heavily relies on earlier research done at Utrecht University.


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