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Research goals

MulticoreBSP for Java was developed as a research tool first; we hope it proves the concept that Bulk Synchronous Programming has a place in the multicore era. Not in the least part due to its simplicity and robustness, we furthermore hope that BSP will find its place in general-purpose parallel computing. At the same time, however, we will still strive to successfully apply this paradigm in the area of high performance scientific computing.

The latter requires further effort and rigorous investigations. We hope that this web page may help in this endeavour, by providing an easy overview of papers strongly related to shared-memory BSP programming, as well as an overview of research groups around the globe working in this area. The BSP worldwide organisation provides much the same, but for general BSP research.

If we have missed any papers or research groups in these overviews, please do not hesitate to contact us.