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Overview of available MulticoreBSP software

Some parallel software making use of the MulticoreBSP library:

  • BSPedupack for Java; this implements a BSP benchmarking program, as well as the following scientific computing example applications: vector inner-product, dense matrix LU decomposition, fast Fourier transform, sparse matrix-vector multiplication.

If you have software using MulticoreBSP and want it to be included on this webpage, please contact us.

Java MulticoreBSP support utilities

When planning to do scientific computing using Java, the MulticoreBSP Utilities package may be of interest. This utility package provide means for handling Java collections lazily, and provides functions to easily print collections to screen or file. They also provide data structures for sparse matrices, and include a parser for the (extended) Matrix-Market format, thus enabling reading of sparse matrices from The Florida Sparse Matrix Collection or the Mondriaan software package.

MulticoreBSP Utilities are part of the Java MulticoreBSP library, and are included in the full MulticoreBSP for Java download.